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Is there accommodation on campus?

Yes. See the Arrange Accommodation page.

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. In some countries the visa process takes considerable time so you need to allow for this. Also, UNSW Foundation Studies programs fill quickly and we do limit the number of places we offer to ensure quality delivery.

How do I apply?

Follow the How to Apply link to get a complete list of instructions on how to apply for a UNSW Foundation Studies program and stream. Then complete an application form and submit the form along with copies of your high school results and English test scores (if applicable).

Is there an application fee when applying to UNSW Foundation Studies?

There is no application fee and all applications are carefully considered and reviewed by our Admissions team and UNSW Foundation Studies academic staff.

Do I need to complete an English test before I apply?

In most cases you will need to complete an English exam (e.g. IELTS) before you enrol, but you do not need to complete an English exam before you apply - in this case you will be given a Conditional Offer and once we receive your English result, we will provide you with a Formal Offer. See the following list of entry requirements for further information.

I have an offer letter - what do I do now?

Please read and follow the information in the UNSW Foundation Studies offer letter - this will be sent to you after you apply. You should also read the conditions of enrolment information and the UNSW Foundation Studies policies pages.

What are the fees for UNSW Foundation Studies programs?

Prices and other fees are listed on our Dates and Fees page.

Do I have to complete the whole Program to be eligible for a university place?

Yes. For the Standard or Standard Plus Foundation Programs you must complete the full two semesters and for the Transition Program you must complete one semester to be eligible for a university offer.

What programs are offered by UNSW Foundation Studies?

There are 3 programs. Standard Plus Foundation Program (12 months), Standard Foundation Program (9 months) and Transition Program (4 months). For further details, please go to the Our Programs page.

What streams are offered by UNSW Foundation Studies?

Within the 3 main disciplines, Commerce/Business, Arts/Design and Science, there are 8 Streams which provide you with specialised preparation for your preferred degree program. Follow this link to see our streams of study.

What is the minimum age required for studying a UNSW Foundation Studies program?

You must be 16 years of age at the date of commencement.

Where is UNSW Foundation Studies?

UNSW Foundation Studies is located on campus at UNSW in modern, well equipped teaching facilities. UNSW is conveniently located at Kensington, an inner south-eastern suburb of Sydney approximately 20 minutes by bus from the central business district of Sydney. A full list of our UFS campuses is available on the Our Locations page.

How many hours and days per week do I study?

Class contact hours vary depending on program and stream; however as a general rule your timetable will normally contain about 24 hours of formal classes each week. Students should allocate a further 24 hours each week for private study. That is, for every one hour in class students need to do one hour of private study.

What university programs are available if I do a UNSW Foundation Studies program?

You have a number of future study options available to you after completing the program. You can find a full list of UNSW programs here.

When do undergraduate programs begin at UNSW?

Usually twice a year, in March and July. UNSW Foundation Studies programs lead to both of these intakes. It is possible to join some university programs mid-year.

What is a GPA?

Foundation Studies results are reported using a Grade Point Average (GPA). This result out of 10 points is the average of the grade points achieved by the student across all subjects studied within the stream. For further information see the GPA Calculations page

Do I need a special visa if I am an international student?

Yes. Visa information can be obtained from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Can UNSW Global arrange my Guardianship if I am Under 18 and need to apply for an International student visa?

The Australian Government and Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) require that you have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements in place before they grant you a visa. If you have a relative over 21 years that can act as your guardian, this arrangement must be approved by DIBP. UNSW Global can approve your accommodation and welfare, and will issue a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare) letter. For further information see information for applicants under 18 years of age.

I am a Permanent Resident or Australian citizen; can I study at UNSW Foundation Studies?

Yes. Foundation Studies does accept Permanent Residents and Australian citizens, however conditions apply. Please contact enquiries@unswglobal.unsw.edu.au.