UNSW Foundation Studies

Our Students

Ives Kwok – UNSW Science Student Ambassador

UNSW Foundation Studies - • Commerce Stream from 2013 – 2014
Currently studying Aviation (Management) at UNSW

A little about Ives…

  • Commerce Stream from 2013 – 2014
  • Now studying Aviation (Management) at UNSW – actively achieving his childhood dream of becoming a pilot
  • Ives credits his current academic journey to Foundation Studies, which lay a pathway to his dream degree
  • Active + passionate in promoting and supporting both UNSW Global and UNSW Science

Ives as a Leader

  • Class Representative (2013)
  • Iconic Yellow Shirt Volunteer (2013 – ongoing)
  • Published in multiple testimonials this year, which have been hosted on our YouTube channel, website and on social media (Facebook + Weibo)

You can read more about his achievement here.

Kathy Kaijing Li from China

UNSW Foundation Studies - Commerce Stream 2014
UNSW Badminton UniGames Australia Representative 2014

Kathy is currently studying the Commerce Stream at UNSW Foundation Studies, with a desire to pursue a future degree related to Business and Arts.

To help balance her studies, Kathy turned to the UNSW Global monthly What’s On social calendar, where she discovered the opportunity to reignite her hobby of playing badminton by joining the UNSW Badminton Club. Kathy’s membership quickly led to success: in August, she was selected as one of five female badminton players selected to represent UNSW at the 2014 Australian UniGames - a national Olympics-style sports event for university students.

For Kathy, the other highlights of her time at UNSW Foundation Studies so far has been the opportunity to make new friends and learn about other cultures.

“For me, the best thing about my experience in Foundation Studies has been the people here in Sydney: my [Foundation Studies] class mates, my [Badminton] team mates and my homestay family. Joining the UNSW Badminton Club has been a good way to make friends at UNSW. Everyone is so kind to each other. My homestay parents are Lebanese-Australian, so I can try different foods and understand another culture. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Ka Wing Lau from Hong Kong

UNSW Foundation Studies - Design Stream 2003
COFA’s Richard Dovey Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Design 2008

Ka Wing Lau chose to study at UNSW because he had never been to Australia and wanted to experience the country. Wing said, ‘While I was at UNSW Foundation Studies, I did find coping with the language a bit of a problem, but after a couple of years at university things worked out much better. I built up my knowledge, and through interacting with teachers and fellow students, made friends. I have learnt to listen and observe, and communicate in English. Further, I have learnt how to live with design in daily life. I enjoyed studying at UNSW Foundation Studies and COFA because of all the people I met over the years. I liked my classes and teachers for the encouragement that they provided to me. Australia, especially Sydney is wonderful to live in as people are so easy going and friendly.’

Wing Lau is the winner of the Qantas 2013 Spirit of Youth Award in the Visual Design and Communications category. You can read more about his achievement here.

Ang Xin Min

UNSW Foundation Studies Life Science Stream 2009
Preferred Degree Program - Medicine at UNSW

Ang Xin Min wishes to study Medicine like her sister Xin Hui, who was a Foundation Studies student in 2005 scoring a GPA of 10…When questioned about what were the most important things she had learnt so far, Xin Min replied, ‘I have learnt to mix with people who come from different countries and cultures. I think it is important to learn about others’ cultures and accept their differences…I like the lecture style of teaching, which gives students more freedom, and the tutorials, which help to consolidate our knowledge of certain topics…The teachers are dedicated, friendly and helpful…Consultations for various subjects are available outside class time and this is extremely helpful for the students who face some difficulty…My classmates have also been easy to get along with and they play an important role in my life…UNSW is a university with a good reputation and the Foundation Studies course is an all-rounded and excellent university preparation course.’

Eindray Madi Sway Tin from Myanmar

UNSW Foundation Studies Life Science Stream
Preferred Degree Program - Medicine/Medical Science at UNSW

Eindray said, ‘Studying here has changed my life, the experience of having my own apartment, responsibility of my own well-being. I enjoy the friendly people, nice weather, my independence and freedom in Australia.

Hashan Samarasinghe from Sri Lanka

UNSW Foundation Studies Life Science Stream
Preferred Degree Program - Medicine at UNSW

Hashan said, ‘I have made a lot of great friends and I also like the teachers and the facilities here.

Daria Shreder from Russia

UNSW Foundation Studies Life Science Stream
Preferred Degree Program - Medical Science

Daria said, ‘In Australia you can have a great opportunity for the future and it is a very good place to live. I’ve learnt to be myself and adapt to another lifestyle and culture.

Thanh Huy Lam from Vietnam

UNSW Foundation Studies Design Stream
Preferred Degree Program - Architectural Studies

Thanh said, ‘I believe UNSW is the best university to study Architecture. It also has a supreme standard of education and ideal environment.

Febrianto Halin from Indonesia

UNSW Foundation Studies Transition Program 2010 graduate
Currently studying Computer Science at the UNSW

Febrianto said, ‘Apart from academic knowledge, I learnt about other cultures as my classmates are from different countries. I also established contacts all over the world, which I think will be important for my future career.

Leticia Leong from Singapore

UNSW Foundation Studies Transition Program 2010 graduate
Currently studying Advance Science at the UNSW

Leticia said, ‘Foundation study was a great experience for me. Even though it was just a short programme, the experiences and friendship I gained are so strong and priceless that I will never forget the time in foundations.

Abilene Madeline Johan from Indonesia

UNSW Foundation Studies Commerce Stream
Preferred Degree Program - Commerce

Abilene said, ‘UNSW has been well known as the ultimate study destination for Indonesian students. The most important things I have learned is to manage my time and to be open minded to new ideas and to speak up and express my thoughts and to learn from my mistakes.’

Soud Al Balushi from Oman

Soud said, ‘UNSW has a good reputation and has a great learning environment. I like how the teachers are really nice and everyone is friendly.