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With over 25 years experience in delivering Foundation Programs for international students, UNSW Foundation Studies has proven expertise in delivering specialised programs that provide the best preparation for university success. All programs are designed and approved by UNSW faculties.

We offer four academic programs and nine specialised streams of study giving you genuine choice. Don’t worry if you are unsure about which of these to choose. Our experienced staff will assess your application and find the perfect Program and Stream to suit your academic background, English language proficiency and intended university degree.

The table below gives a brief overview of the 4 programs. Click More Details if you would like further information about each Program.

Standard Plus Standard Transition Foundation English Entry Course (FEEC)
Duration 12 months 9 months 4 months 10, 15 and 20 weeks
Suitable for those who Do not qualify for the Standard Program and would benefit from a slower pace of study to improve academic skills and proficiency in English. Are progressing well in high school but seeking an alternative pathway to university. Or have completed high school but have had a lengthy break from formal study. Have completed a matriculation qualification and narrowly missed direct entry to university. Need additional English to gain entry into a UNSW Foundation Studies Program or students who would like extra practice in an English speaking academic environment.
Min. IELTS* English level

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5.5 5.5 (2016)
6.0 (2017)
6.0 5.0 (2016) - 10 weeks
5.5 (2017) - 10 weeks

4.5 (2016) - 15 weeks
5.0 (2017) - 15 weeks

4.5 (2016) - 20 weeks
5.0 (2017) - 20 weeks
Academic Achievement*

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Good results in Yr 11 or Yr 12 Strong results in Yr 11 or Yr 12 Yr 12 with excellent results Must meet the requirements for one of the UNSW Foundation Studies Programs.
Streams All streams All streams Commerce, Life Science, Physical Science and Actuarial Streams only Can be packaged with any Stream and Program
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*Or equivalent qualification

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